In the era of “the connected customer” social media and fashion have become dependent on eachother. Social media has taken what was once unique to magazines and fashion shows and put it at the consumers fingertips day and night. Consequently, customers are now engaging with their favorite brands and influencers on a  much larger scale. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have taken the reliance out of the traditional fashion magazines. They have provided a platform for customers to see the latest styles and trends for instant inspiration. As a result, customers are recreating their own looks and sharing it with their contemporaries for follows and likes. Thus, it has exposed more people to modest Fashion and brought it to the mainstream.

An article in Digital Marketing Magazine titled ‘How Social Media and its Influencers are Driving Fashion‘ states –

“Of Instagram’s total audience, 200 million users follow at least one fashion account. 45% of Instagram users in Britain say they follow these fashion accounts to gain inspiration for looks they can buy or create themselves. Sharing their own looks is a part of this process too, with #fashion mentioned a huge 13 million times a month and #ootd (outfit of the day) featuring in 140 million posts to date”.

The rise of Modest Fashion

Fashion is a reflection of ones personality, culture and identity. For this reason, many women dress modestly as a form of worship and take pride in their faith and identity. Although some countries have chosen to ban the hijab and take that freedom away, women are now wearing it more than ever before. Infact, the modest fashion market has become more available, mainstream and accepted as of late.  Major brands and retailers are embracing it to take advantage of what Vogue calls a “Multi-billion-dollar industry”.

However, it is still in some ways a challenge to find modern, trendy and modest Islamic clothing in the UK. The challenge is finding clothing that fully conforms to and represents Islam. Most of what is available has been diluted with a huge influence from western brands and retailers.

An article in The Guardian titled ‘Catwalk cover-up: how the west is falling for modest fashion’ highlights this more clearly. It states –

“Headscarves and hijabs have also been de rigueur at the shows. Gucci, Max Mara, Molly Goddard, Versace, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and Chanel have all sent models in “Muslim-ish” headpieces down the runway. The argument that the industry is offensively fetishising religious wear, turning something deeply meaningful into a throwaway trend, has been made several times”

So, one may look for Islamic evening dresses that are modern, fashionable and fully conform to Islamic guidelines. However, they are left having to compromise in one way or another. Customers need something that ticks all the boxes.

At Lebiska, we understand these issues and have taken on the responsibility to fill in this gap. We feel that you shouldn’t have to make any compromises in any department. Explore our collection of modest fashion for sale in the UK.