“And tell the believing women to lower their gaze, and guard their modesty and not expose their adornment…”


Our Mision – Modest Fashion

We live in an age where immorality and sexual objectification are being promoted on an unprecedented scale. The fashion industry has become eerie and dissolute, even with modest fashion now in the mainstream.

Fashion is a reflection of ones personality, culture and identity. For this reason, many women dress modestly as a form of worship and take pride in their faith and identity. Although some countries have chosen to ban the hijab and take that freedom away, women are now wearing it more than ever before. Besides, the modest fashion market has become more available, mainstream and accepted as of late. consequently, major brands and retailers are embracing it and as a result, they want to take advantage of what Vogue calls “a multi-billion-dollar industry”.

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Influence from western brands and retailers

It is still in some ways a challenge to find modern, trendy and modest Islamic clothing in the UK. The challenge is finding clothing that fully conforms to and represents Islam. Most of what is available has been diluted with a huge influence from western brands and retailers.

At Lebiska, we have made it our mission to fill in this gap and drive the growth of modest fashion. Our aim is to address this phenomena while staying true to our customers, values and ethics. We hold the belief that one can dress up without having to dress down, be fashionable yet reserved and wear quality clothing at a fair price.